Here I put in words what I've already published in a brief, instructive video: How to plan and organize your trip from scratch. Whether you're going back to re-explore a place you've been before or you're conquering new frontiers, whether you'll go bye:yourself or with a large group, the following concept has worked for me for years now, so if you need a little support, try it out and let me know what you're thinking and if and how I could improve it.

The sketched strategy is based on a two to four weeks vacation. The concept and structure can be adapted to a shorter trip or even a weekend. If you are travelling more than a months, you might not need to get that organized beforehand since getting stuck in a place or 'losing' a couple of days won't affect you so much. If you have only a quite limited amount of time and you want to see as much as you can without racing mindlessly, the following approach will certainly help you making the best of it.

Before I leave you to your books and brochures and websites, please note that I'm not a fan of all this "the best...", "the ultimate..." - often followed by a 10 or a 20 (or if the blogger is as busy as a beaver, it even might go up to a 100).

Don't wanna read this, don't wanna write it, neither.

What I've sketched in four steps how I do it and how it is working best for me. And if you even find an inspiration or a new idea, I'd be very happy. If I encourage you by this thorough planning to try travelling bye:yourself for the first time, that would be just great, and I'll be glad to assist.

So of you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me - and follow me, not only around the world, but on this blog, on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Step 1:  Destination
Step 2:  Itinerary
Step 3:  Schedules
Step 4:  Booking
Safety Net

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