I think that most people visit Lopburi, the legendary 'monkey town', on a day trip; and what can I say, they are right. I know that after having stayed the night.

Anyway, arriving at Lopburi, I left my big luggage at the train station and took only a knapsack with me. There is the Narai Raja Niwet palast to visit, and in front of it on Thanon Surasak, there is a really good coffee shop, so plan a quick break there.

Narai Raja Niwet
Narai Raja Niwet

The main reason people come to Lopburi is for the Wat San Phra Karn, where most of the monkeys live. As a matter of fact, they live everywhere in Lopburi, and they quickly show you who runs the show. In the middle of the street, all of a sudden one of them jumped on my belly and hugged me around the waist, and if you think that's cute, let me assure you, it's not. Since I screamed and waved my arms like a mad woman, he let go; but seriously, these creatures are far from being curious George. A girl I met on Ko Phi Phi told me that one of them bit her in her thigh, fortunately it didn't break the skin. So look at them, but keep your distance. And get rabies vaccination before travelling; I'm serious.

monkeys on power lines
No wonder these monkeys are like crazy - they probably get electro shocks from hanging out on the power lines.

Most of these drolly creatures hang around Wat San Phra Karn. There are actually masses of them, and seeing so many of them with their grey fur and long tails, they deem to be rats. Somehow it's cute and creepy at the same time.

monkey babies
They look cute, but watch out! They are taking everything that is not like nailed to your body. 

monkey on a statue
Resting in the shade of an ancient statue. Alright, alright, that is really sweet.

Like I said, I did stay the night. Not only did I stay the night, I also booked myself to the less charming, most remote hotel ever. This was so me! It was located like 4 miles out of town, which was nice insofar, that I had to take two different busses that look quite different from those I know from home; and that's the reason I'm travelling, right?! They took me to some industrial-commercial outskirts where there were only big car dealers and hardware megastores and fortunately also a big supermarket. The real Thailand, that nobody comes there for - like I said: sooo me!

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