Here we might get into a generation conflict. There are flocks of young people coming to Ko Phi Phi to hang out on the beach and to party. While I can relate to the beach part, the party part bugs me a bit - mainly for the shitty music.

Having booked myself accidently at the wrong end of a long halfmoon shaped beach on the West coast, my bed was vibrating till the party was over in the wee hours. The worst part is, that the music was less loud at places much closer to the party beach - it was some interesting yet unnerving physical effect that carried the noise straight into my room. And since also the place itself was quite a shabby mess, I by far wasn't as happy as the rest of the travellers' pack.

Although the owner was a sweet heart, I really recommend that you don't rent the cheapest place in Ko Phi Phi. If you don't go there to party all night long, anyway, don't book more than one night beforehand and check how the acoustic is in your room.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn't recommend Ko Phi Phi at all, because these masses of party people are getting on my nerves. I'm simply not travelling to party. I can party anywhere in the world, so e. g. in Thailand I rather enjoy what I cannot have anywhere else, but that's of course absolutely my private opinion, and if you wanna go to Ko Phi Phi, you've got my blessings.

The second night I listened to Michelle's "if you can't beat them, join them" - drinking whatever with a long straw from a bucket.

Actually the beaches on Ko Phi Phi - even the smaller bays towards the South East - are much nicer and less crowded than those around Krabi on the main land.

Ko Phi Phi can be really relaxing; I'm afraid very few tourist are aware of that.

Not bad at all was a half day boat trip to the Viking Cave including some nice snorkeling and then to Maya Bay where supposedly "The Beach" was shot. When we got there, there was a Russian tourist group shooting pictures of each other; that made the place a teeny bit less dreamy than Di Caprio and Tilda Swinton getting it on.

Mango Bay
Following Leo's tracks.

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