After Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta was a treat. It's much less party, but still pretty standard touristy. Long beaches, restaurants, bars, bike rentals, tour operators - everything the good tourist wants and needs. Not bad, but nothing special.
Here I cannot stretch the point enough that when you pre-book in Thailand, you'll probably pay higher prices. On the ferry from Ko Phi Phi to Ko Lanta people offered accommodations at a fraction of the price I paid. And my hotel really wasn't that good (although the owner is very nice).

Ko Lanta

Besides hanging out on Ko Lanta's long sand beaches, you can book many different diving and snorkel trips. I've heard that a trip to Ko Rok Nai and Ko Rok Nok is recommendable since it's a national park and hence protected so that the marine life is not as destroyed as closer the the touristic islands and the mainland for the time being. I wonder how long this will last since you're getting there by speed boat and where there is people, there is trash such as plastic and tin foil - my experience. Anyway, if I should go to Ko Lanta again, I would definitely go on that trip and spend the night camping.

I did the 'Four Island Tour' which is not much different from any other four island tour I did elsewhere. The destinations at this day trip were much less crowded than those on the day trips from Ao Nang and Ko Phi Phi. And there is the swimming into the Emerald Cave, where you swim 80 meters through a tunnel emerging into a lagoon in the center of the island. The lagoon is surrounded by pristine jungle and cliffs nearly 100 meters high. That gave this otherwise average trip a really special twist.

And that was it for Ko Lanta. The next day I continued my travels to Ko Jum.

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