Ko Jum - now we're talking! This is a remote, secluded island - near paradise. Did you ever perceive that paradise is always associated with tranquility, serenity, quiet? You never hear somebody say: "Man, I got wasted on my spring break at Cancun, music pumping, chicks winning wet t-shirt contests - it was like paradise." This scenario is rather connected to the alternative afterworld - they don't call it a "hell of a party" for now reason.

So back to Ko Jum where there is...nothing. Wonderful nothing. They don't even have a boat bridge. You take a ferry from Ko Lanta that takes you to a spot within sight of Ko Jum and then a fleet of boats join it, disembarking leaving guest and taking arriving guest to the respective hotels. This procedure is only possible under certain (weather) conditions and only during high season.

Ko Jum
Boats approaching the ferry to drop the leaving guests off and pick the new ones up.

Ko Jum
If yours comes last, you have to climb over several boats to get to the ferry.
"Golden Pearl" waited for me.

Therefore only comparatively few tourists make it to Ko Jum, thus you are quite depending on your hosts since there are hardly stores or restaurants and they even don't have an ATM so make sure to bring cash. The hotel - a conglomeration of wooden huts on steels - does take credit cards, though.
And there is hardly anything closer to paradise than having a sundowner at the hotel's own beach bar.

Ko Jum
At last a beach for myself.

One more thing: I took the ferry both ways, i. e. from Ko Lanta and then to the harbor of Krabi. It's very comfortable, but much more expensive than a ship going from the other side of Ko Jum to Krabi town (which is mostly much more convenient since the docking point is much closer to the city center). The only problem is that the hotel staff is not very helpful finding your way to this ship since they are selling tickets for the ferry and do not want to relinquish their provision. You have to be quite persistent to get info and means to get to the other ship.

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