Strategically located between culture tourist spot Ayutthaya and culture tourist spot Sukhothai, Kamphaeng Phet is a nice retreat if you care for a day without any tourists. I first took the train from Lopburi to Pak Nam Pho, there cabs are already waiting to bring the passengers to the bus station from where you continue for another hour.

bus to kamphaeng phet
This bus is...red.

From Kamphaeng Phet station I took a shared taxi that after dropping off all the other passengers took me to my accommodation. And what an accommodation that was! Every room, i.e. the reception and all the guest rooms, were stuffed from floor to ceiling with terrible trinkets and plush toys - it was scary; like in a horror movie where they could come alive any moment. Ironically there was a big sign in my room that all this junk is not to play with, but to look at. To tell you the truth, I wasn't keen to do either.

hotel room kamphaeng phet
Tchotchkes everywhere. 

So that was the downside, but besides this chamber of horror Kamphaeng Phet is great. There is an archeological park with the city pillar shrine and the Wat Phra Keo and Wat Phra That temple remnants and huge trees and lush plants in the very center of the town - just across the road from the hotel. You can walk or cycle up and down the streets and alleys, observing average Thai life or visit the national museum right behind the archeological park.

Wat Phra Keo and Wat Phra That
Very comforting that there's beauty laying around just across the street.

And most of all less than 2 miles from the city, there is the huge historical park with the temples Wat Chang Rop, Wat Singh, and Wat Phra Si Iriyabot, which is absolutely worth a visit. Once you get there by bike, you can ride also inside the park from site to site, which is a very relaxing way of spending the day.

Wat Chang Rop
The most famous of them all: Wat Chang Rop (and me visiting bye:myself)

kids at kamphaeng pet
My fellow visitors at the historical park.

At night there is a very pleasant night market with many food stands to choose from, so I cannot recommend a restaurant - just eat your way through each and every stall, you won't be starving, that's for sure.

That's it for Kamphaeng Phet, but like I said, I enjoyed very much spending a tranquil day a little apart from the classic touristy route.

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