CAPE VERDE - travel guide (for solo female travelers)

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I get asked quite often what was my best trip and which is my favorite country that I've travelled bye:myself. How can I answer a question like that? How can I compare let's say Italy to Viet Nam? Well, the pizza is tastier and the language is prettier in Italy. Then again the buddhist temples are bigger and the variety at farmers' markets is more abundant in Viet Nam. Got the point? How could I ever compare? Fortunately I don't have to.
But if someone pointed a gun to my head and made me choose, I would say Cape Verde. Cape Verde with its beauty, charm, and incredible variety is the secret star on my personal globus.

The Atoll of Cape Verde consists of 15 islands and countless tiny isles, whereby only nine are inhabited. What's fascinating is the variety of the nine islands. Much to my regret I only visited five of them, and even among these five the difference was amazing! It's as if each one of them stayed for an element - Brava for water, Boa Vista for earth, Fogo for fire...and there's a refreshing wind blowing on all of them.

Cape Verde has a population of about half a million people, and the land area is 4,000 sq km (approx. 1,544 sq mi) dominated by a mild, oceanic climate. It used to be a Portuguese colony so the official language is Portuguese, but people speaks krioulo - which, like many dialects, differs from island to island (you might brush up your Portuguese on babbel). The local currency is the CVE (Escudo de Cabo Verde) (that you can convert e. g. on XE).





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