So while I thought places like Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, and Chiang Mai were touristy, thus in an amene way, I didn't know the half of it till I came to Ao Nang.

Staying at a quite nice resort of two handfuls of wooden cottages in front of an indeed impressing wall of xx, a 20 minutes walk took me to the beach. Along the way were North American fast food and coffee joints, if you know what I mean. And Italian eateries. Little stores with swimming rings and sunscreen and cheap versions of ocean packs and counterfeit sunglasses.

Hotel against the wall
Accommodated against the wall.

The beach is small but fine, at least as long as everybody at the many hotels has breakfast. Eventually they joined me and I realized that the beach is nice - but there are too many people in the area. So I spent the afternoon on the adjacent, more local beach which is emptier but also dirtier.

Ao Nang Beach
Ao Nang Beach before the tourists finish their breakfast.

Dinner again at the stalls along the road, many run by Malayan ladies. It's interesting that at around Krabi you already feel the Malayan muslim influence.

Andaman Sea
I'm such a good photographer - keeping the crowds behind so you think I was all bye:myself.

The following day in order to avoid the crowds I went on a longboat trip to some islands. Alas, about half of world's population had the same idea so the - indeed magnificent - islands were packed like 5th Avenue before Christmas. What comforted me a little bit was that the other areas like Railay didn't look more appealing.

Two days were enough, I took the ferry to Ko Phi Phi.

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