Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"Greeting from Planet Earth"

I'm so happy: my blog's business card is ready; and it turned out even more beautiful than I expected.

"Greetings from Planet Earth" - picture post card
The card's front with photographs from Hawaii, Bali, Mexico, Peru, Viet Nam, and Thailand.

Referring to my blog being a travel site, I designed the card in the style and size of a classic picture postcard - like those we used to mail in the pre-social media era. Very retro.

I assembled a couple of pictures from world's most beautiful places - just like the cards tourists loved to send because they showed so many different images of their holiday destination.

I even created a stamp for the back (presuming that 70 cents will do 😉 ).

But most importantly you'll find the links to all my sites on the social media - so I hope you'll get in touch very soon.

The postcard can be actually written and sent, so if you want a couple of these, let me know.

"Greetings from Planet Earth" - business card
front and back

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