colombian diary - 9th chapter - back to where we started from; now bye:myself

So now I am bye:myself after all. Yesterday I got back into Bogotá for my flight back home while my travel companion continues her travels to Lima today.

Back to Bogotá. This time staying at a lovely little guest house (the color purple) at the Candelaria district.

Almost every single one of my trips starts and ends at the same city which has an interesting twist - or rather circle - to it. It's a bit like the book by Alfred Döblin where the story begins at the Alexanderplatz, and at the end of the book after a long winding story, the protagonist finds himself at the very same place; a lot happened, but the place is untouched by the events while his luck changed a lot.

And this is how I feel about the cities where I arrive and eventually leave from. On arrival I'm nervous and insecure, I explore the neighborhoods still a little shaky and dizzy from jetlag. I stick to my map printed from google maps - well, to be honest, this doesn't change much no matter how long i stay in a place: my sense of orientation is terrible. However, everything is exciting and new and sometimes a bit intimidating.

Then I travel the country, I get to know places and people and their habits and quirks, I become in a way part of their country.
I get back where I started from - wondering that the place is still the same while I grew and changed. I get all sentimental remembering the pale, curious person being taken by surprise by every detail during the first days.

I loved the old town right from the beginning on. But after the graffiti tour we took on our third day, I can appreciate the murales decorating the old houses even more (here by Carlos Trilleras and the enigmatic Juegasiempre on calle 2)

There is always something left on my bucket list, so that's another good reason to spend a day or two at the starting point: there are some exhibitions to see and some last shopping to do.
I spent the very last morning in Bogotá at the museo de arte moderno (MAMBO) and - believe it or not - got the hair in my neck and around the ears trimmed once again at a peluqueria; this time for 2 $.

"Sombras" by Jim Amaral at the MAMBO

Getting ready.

Now I'm heading back - my hair cut, my heart and soul filled with awe and my bag with dirty laundry.

¡Gracias, Colombia, for having been so good to me!

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