colombian diary - 5th chapter - catharsis after cartagena

If you are into very, very crowded beaches in front of very, very high hotel buildings, pushy beach sellers, oceans covered with clouds of gasoline from all sorts of boat motors, if you don't mind getting your head shaved off by jet skis while trying to swim in large crowds, then I've found the perfect place for you: Cartagena.

Where is Martin Parr when you need him?

Yes, there are the fortresses and the walled old town, Unesco World Heritage blablabla, and yes, it is pretty, but I don't get the hang of places polished for visitors and the Unesco that look nothing like the rest of the town, where you find posh, overpriced "specialty" shops hardly any local can afford. I didn't fancy Trinidad in Cuba, I don't fancy the walled part of Cartagena.


...and pretty by night. 

I'm not sure if I made myself clear: I don't like it here.

We're leaving tomorrow.

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