The Island of HELIGOLAND - soft spot with rough edges

A trip to Heligoland is always a good idea: On just one square kilometer, it unites soft sand dunes and rough cliffs, adds tax-free shopping to natural wonders like frolicking seals and jumping guillemots.

bye:myself - Renata Green - byemyselftravels: Island of Heligoland - Lummenfelsen
The number of gannets on the rocks on Heligoland's western cliffs will just overwhelm you.

Heligoland is a tiny archipelago that long ago used to be Danish and British, but is, actually, as German as can be since the poet Von Fallersleben wrote the National Anthem during his stay on the island in 1841.

However, visiting Heligoland today, either on a day trip or for a longer stay, it is almost impossible to imagine that at the end of  WWII, Germany's supposedly only deepsea island was completely bombed out and even uninhabitable for ten long years.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, today, Heligoland is one of Germany's most popular island when it comes to a couple of relaxing days in a secluded spot.

The Island of FÖHR - every village a home

Föhr - every village a home: What's that all about?

bye:myself - Renata Green - byemyselftravels: Föhr - House at Nieblum
I'm not able to figure out Föhr's strongest suit - there are so many great things to do and see; the traditional architecture is certainly one of the most alluring ones.

Well, let me take you to one of Germany's most popular holiday islands where almost each of the 16 villages' name ends with the suffix -um. Since this is the Frisian and Lower German version of heim...which translates to home, you can imagine how cozy and homey this North Frisian island is to its....homies.

The Island of FEHMARN - Where Plan B is the Best Plan

I've had a soft spot for the Northgerman Island of Fehmarn for the longest time: Beaches, Breezes, Birds, and endless fields of Brassica Napus -
I don't really have to explain why on this island in the Baltic sea Plan B is the Best Plan, do I?

bye:myself - Mimi Green - byemyselftravels: Renata Green on Fehmarn
Cycling along rapeseed-fields - the basic activity of our stay on Fehmarn.
(Photo: Mimi Green)

Brassica Napus - translates to rape in English, a term I can hardly sell you in a positive way. However, let the endless fields of bright yellow speak for themselves.

How to Plan a Trip from Scratch

Although I'm not a Digital Nomad and do jiggle my many trips and travels around a day job, I did my share of travel planning and organizing, believe me.

After countless trips - long and short - I was really surprised when I read the other day a lady asking on Social Media for help where to begin planning her trip.

So I was analyzing and structuring what I've been doing without much overthinking for years and I put it in words and in chronological chapters so that everyone who is a newbie to travel planning can design the trip of their lifetime without the help of any of these big, costly companies.

So let's do this and start right away!

One Week in Portugal. A Guide.

There is this theory that the ideal trip is eight days long. Well, I don't know 'bout that, for me personally, a trip cannot be long enough - I think endless is the perfect length.

However, while sometimes it's simply not possible to leave for more than a week, it shouldn't by any means hold you back from an epic road trip; and making it a railroad trip grants even more relaxation.

Picturesque Portugal: The beauty of everyday life.

As in many other European countries, too, in Portugal, travelling by rail is easy-peasy, cheap, and fun. So let me guide you from mesmerizing Porto to Lisbon, the city that has been elected World's Leading City Break Destination 2017 for a reason.

Complete Itinerary for a Layover in LISBON

Have you read last week's post on the beautiful islands of Cape Verde?

Well, as I went there, my flight itinerary foresaw almost an entire day in Lisbon.
No problem: My luggage was checked through, the connection from the airport to the city center couldn't be any better - hooray for Lisbon!

View from the top of Arco da Rua Augusta on the Praça do Comércio.

Let me show you how you can squeeze in an inspiring citybreak of up to 24 hours - no matter what the weather forecast says.

CAPE VERDE - a guide to five amazing islands

(Update May 2019)

I get asked quite often which was my best trip and which has been my favorite country so far. How can I possibly answer such a question? How can I compare let's say Italy to Viet Nam?
Well, the pizza is tastier and the language is prettier in Italy.
Then again the Buddhist temples are bigger and the variety at farmers' markets is more abundant in Viet Nam.
Got the point? How could I ever compare?
Fortunately, I don't have to.

But if someone pointed a gun to my head and made me choose, I would say Cape Verde. Cape Verde with its beauty, charm, and incredible variety is the secret star on my personal globe.